• Courage to Change

     We live in a world full of doubt and all to often we are urged to pretend everything is alright. I feel sometimes the fear of failure causes us to set our own roadblocks. As I began a recent  workout I had a moment to reflect on my goals, my ambition and my desires because […]

  • Back To Basics

    The road to creating the life you desire is not paved smooth. The roadblocks in life can derail our forward progress and impede our personal growth.I have a disorder called spino-cerebellar ataxia type 7 which affects my motor skills and my daily living. I believe I have reached a pivotal point in life where I […]

  • Searching for answers

      When I was diagnosed with Ataxia in 2009, this turned into a very complex time in my life. My doctor at this point was a neurologist who had explained that my disorder had no cure and would get worse. He had a depressing tone in his voice as he told me there was nothing […]