Courage to Change

 We live in a world full of doubt and all to often we are urged to pretend everything is alright. I feel sometimes the fear of failure causes us to set our own roadblocks. As I began a recent  workout I had a moment to reflect on my goals, my ambition and my desires because I must achieve my happy balance. Through the trials and tribulations I see that my destiny is on me to have a strong faith and belief that God has blessed me which makes the impossible very possible. We all have people in our lives that help us to stay grounded thus I have decided I must strive to rid the word “BUT” out of my vocabulary. There is a saying that the word but is an argument for our limitations and by arguing for our limitations we will keep them. I recently learned the hard way that the word but allowed me to procrastinate and hide behind fear which has led me full speed into that proverbial wall.

 While there is no perfect answer to our issues, we must become an active force in the forward progress in our lives Let us manifest our greatness. and live life on our own terms. No excuses.


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