Looking Past Obstacles


There are many aspects of life that cause us to question our position in life. I constantly struggle staying mindful and positive not allowing my situation to define me. I have something called Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7, which affects me by impairing my balance, coordination and speech. Unfortunately, I have encountered some very hard low points recently and blamed everyone else for my situation. My false perception of what others thought about me enhanced my fear and derailed my forward progress.

It is cliche, but God will never give us more than we can handle. Allowing our anger towards a situation to fester within us can negatively impact who we are and hinder our growth. I believe we set our own limitations and obstacles by not realizing we are too blessed to be stressed. We all have a purpose and we are great, so strive to be better and work hard to overcome your obstacles. Don’t allow fear and doubt to lead you from finding your happiness nor allow it to lead you to limit your ability to proceed forward. Close the gap between your fear of failure and success and trust obstacle are mere stepping stones to your path to being successful. No Excuses.

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