Stuck Wondering Why

stuck-in-the-middleAs I look into the  mirror, I wonder why? Why is life so hard and filled with disappointment and pain. Why must we struggle to see better times. Why do we encounter fear or become overwhelmed with anxieties that can lead us to have reservations about our futures or cause us to lose sight of who we are and inflict doubt and fear. We all have our own unique dilemmas and too often I notice we continue to do the same things and expect different results. My issue currently is that I have not come to grips with my disability and as I continue to try to hide it, I continue to struggle and be self-destructive. Which leads me to believe something has to change as we need to be positive and see the things we have done to this point in life while they might not be perfect we must look at what has worked. I believe I have to look at the good more than the bad but also ask the question are we satisfied with what we have produced thus far in life.Our success in life can’t be dictated by others and we must guard our minds from negativity and strive to be better.


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