Emotional Rollercoaster

  When we are confronted by challenges and they knock us down there is a question that we all must answer, what will we do now? I have faced this type of situation and I have experienced many strong emotions based on fear. My disorder causes me issues with my balance and very recently while trying to enter the building to my gym and my legs locked up and I feel backwards and off the curb. Now given I wasn’t injured physically I had been injured emotionally and my mood whent from high to low. I started getting angry that I had fallen, I started looking around to see if anyone saw me, I then curl into a semi ball and started to cry. As I started walking to my car I stopped and called my coach and started to tell myself I can’t stop my progress nor allow my situation to define me. I turn around and while I didn’t get there like I wanted and I received some assistance, I got there. The point I am illustrating is while it would  have been easier to quit and have a pity party, I put aside my fear and keep moving forward.Fear and pain will eventually subside but if we quit it can last forever.


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