Unrealistic Expectations

As we fight through life we will encounter disappointment and points where our actions seem meaningless. There are moments where we doubt ourselves and ask God why is this happening as we feel we are doing our best. Life inst fair nor will things be given to us. We all have and will face rough time but there not here to stay and they will past. Never let anyone dictate who you are and how you wish to live.  Its hard but we can’t be disappointed with how challenges in our lives turn out. Despite life’s ups and downs we must not blame others if things don’t go our way. Having unrealistic expectations can and will leave us disappointed so we most show our strength and keep pushing forward and tackle obstacles modestly. Even though we are face with disappointment we have to know within ourselves that we can accomplish our dreams even if no one else see’s it we must know we can do it. Strive to be better.


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