Small Steps Climb Big Mountains


   I am at  a point in life where I see that fear is an intangible part of life. Our fears and doubts put a halt to our personal growth due to our fears becoming more powerful than our dreams. Life as an Ataxian is a lonely road and people try to tell me it get easier but I can’t see it which is why I fight so hard and know I need to be patient in this process to reach my goals. I believe once we accept ourselves and take it one step at a time allows us to overcome fear and become the person we want and need to be. We can’t become comfortable with being uncomfortable as I believe that is allowing ourselves to settle to be mediocreor or it brings about a satisfaction from being complacent. Easy really isn’t an option for the vast majority of us and we will never be perfect so let noone tell you what you can’t do and keep pushing forward and climbing that mountain towards your dreams.

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