The Burden of Truth

As we go through our days we take part in the evaluation of situations that have negative or positive influences on our well being.  These episodes I feel are a part of life’s process to obtain the life we desire. The sad truth is that far too often we start reaching for answers which are not in our grasp. I have seen many instances where fear of failure and/or fear of failure limits our forward movement because of the truth about issues in our path. The truth can be painful when it points out a flaw or a situation that makes us complacent to the point where it impedes our our progress towards obtaining our dreams and aspirations.There will always be challenges in our lives but I believe we must control our thoughts and do what makes us happy.We search for the perfect answer which I thinks it’s better to make the answer fit you.When my doctors diagnosed me and gave me all the bad news I reached a point in life where I was able to find a way to modify the answers that were given to me and found my desire to keep pushing forward through living a healthy and active lifestyle. Life can be very difficult at times but despite the obstacles in our paths we must keep pushing forward and striving to be better in order not to lose ourselves in the process. 

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