All too often we find ourselves at the crossroads of life and are confronted with circumstances that leave us unsure of our direction.I am sure I am not alone when I say that stress and mental fatigue can cause indecisions, doubt, and fear regarding the choices we make.I have entered a point in my life where I see that no matter how tough things get or how hard I fall that I am never out of the fight towards creating the life I want. It amazes me how we can talk about the things we want but are scared to take risk  because we fear failure or fear success. Nothing in life comes easy nor will anything be given to us so we must push hard to accomplish our dreams. In 2009 the doctors told me that my neurological disorder would have me wheelchair bound within the next year. Instead of just giving up and adhering to their so-called expertise I became proactive and found my answer through increasing my health and fitness. In 2012 I forfilled my dream to compete in amatuer bodybuilding despite my obstacles. Through my fortunate journey I found that my path is to encourage others ro find their happy balance through health and fitness and I believe God has chosen me to help others who may be less fortunate or just need a push in the right direction.  We must continue working on ourselves and stop complaining and do something to advance our situations. Be a risk taker and strive for your dreams.

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