Never Force Yourself To Be Happy

  Living with Ataxia the past few years has been an emotional roller coaster. My neurological disorder affects my motor skills but it also plays a role on me emotionally which means things affect me differently. Recently I was in a situation where I allowed fear from my disorder to affect my decision making and dealt with an issue that wasn’t healthy. I found myself being scared to be alone and focused on someone else’s happiness and looked for their approval. The sad truth is when you are disabled you are treated differently because there are those who are afraid of that which they don’t understand. The honest truth is it sucks to care for someone and be taken advantage of no matter the circumstances. For me, my issues with my confidence from having this disorder is a reason why I forced myself to be happy. Today, as I step into a new chapter of my life, I see how this process has made me a stronger person. We all have challenges which leavees us with choices to make that can impact our lives and whether right or wrong we have to live with the results. I have choosen to be proactive in my situation and have incorporated living a healthy and active lifestyle to help me in my journey. No matter what the situation is I know I am blessed and since I have no control of what others do I need to put the issue on my shoulders and keep moving forward. It’s all about progress and personal growth.

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