It Could Be Worse

 Being in a position where you are physically challenged can be tough, but is it really that tough? My disorder is progressive and impacts my daily living as my motor skills are drastically affected. I recently a fortunate dilemma where negative thoughts imped my forward progress.I felt like a failure and really hated my current situation.


Living life with Ataxia can be scary as knowing there is no cure and my situation is do to get worse does have an impact on me mentally. I struggle with my confidence as I am unable to do things for myself. I wish I could have my life back before Ataxia.


A short time ago I was speaking to a person about my challenges in life and express my stresses and said something to me I will never forget. He said for me to look around where we were and that the vast majority of people would love to have my issues. He suggested I speak with various poeple and I will see my situation isn’t that bad. As I began to speak to different people I quickly discovered that my life really isn’t that bad and it could be worse.


I believe we set up our own obstacles by doubting ourselves or making excuses because not trying seems easier. In life, there will always be those who will tell us what we can’t do and we will face situations that seem extremely complicated. Nothing comes easy in life but we must focus on the things we can control and know that even when things seem bad that it could always be worst. No situation is perfect but we all must find ways to look at the brighter side of things. We must put in the work to turn a negative into a positive and keep pushing forward. Remember to remember that no position is perfect and it could always be worse.

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