Back To Basics

The road to creating the life you desire is not paved smooth. The roadblocks in life can derail our forward progress and impede our personal growth.I have a disorder called spino-cerebellar ataxia type 7 which affects my motor skills and my daily living.

I believe I have reached a pivotal point in life where I understand and acknowledge I have to start loving myself. I have spent too long focusing on others happiness and worrying what others said and thought of me. I have realized that I can’t allow what others say or do to affect my happiness nor prevent me from loving myself and staying true to myself. When faced with challenges in life that seem relentless I believe we must look at what’s important to us and how bad we want to obtain it. While it is easy to just stay down when we fall, having a goal and being determined can be what we need to push us forward even when nothing seems to be going right.

Life can be very hard at times and cause us to lose our way. The life we desire is not going to just be given to us, so we need to strive to create the life we want. All we can do is take it one day at a time and keep pushing forward.

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