I am Hasan Banks aka Mr. No Xcuses

I’m an NPC Men’s Bodybuilding Competitor, who in 2009 was fortunately diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Spino-cerebellar Ataxia type 7.

This disorder affects the part of the brain which controls motor skills.

Recent Publications: Huffington Post, Reddit Link 1 (pending), Link 2, Link 3, PF Blog, etc.

I am truly humbled by the media coverage. I continue to spread awareness and support.

The Journey, The Fight, The Struggles, The Wins!

  • Courage to Change

     We live in a world full of doubt and all to often we are urged to pretend everything is alright. I feel sometimes the fear of failure causes us to set our own roadblocks. As I began a recent  workout I had a moment to reflect on my goals, my ambition and my desires because […]

  • Looking Past Obstacles

      There are many aspects of life that cause us to question our position in life. I constantly struggle staying mindful and positive not allowing my situation to define me. I have something called Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7, which affects me by impairing my balance, coordination and speech. Unfortunately, I have encountered some very hard […]

  • Stuck Wondering Why

    As I look into the  mirror, I wonder why? Why is life so hard and filled with disappointment and pain. Why must we struggle to see better times. Why do we encounter fear or become overwhelmed with anxieties that can lead us to have reservations about our futures or cause us to lose sight of […]

  • Emotional Rollercoaster

      When we are confronted by challenges and they knock us down there is a question that we all must answer, what will we do now? I have faced this type of situation and I have experienced many strong emotions based on fear. My disorder causes me issues with my balance and very recently while […]

  • Why Do We Fall

      Life at times can be extremely difficult. Living life with Ataxia is both physically and emotionally challenging and causes fear and doubt for me, the fear of not having answers to my uncontrollable movements. The past few months have led me into a dark world of depression and questioning my life. I lost my […]

  • Unrealistic Expectations

    As we fight through life we will encounter disappointment and points where our actions seem meaningless. There are moments where we doubt ourselves and ask God why is this happening as we feel we are doing our best. Life inst fair nor will things be given to us. We all have and will face rough […]

  • Small Steps Climb Big Mountains

         I am at  a point in life where I see that fear is an intangible part of life. Our fears and doubts put a halt to our personal growth due to our fears becoming more powerful than our dreams. Life as an Ataxian is a lonely road and people try to tell me […]

  • The Burden of Truth

    As we go through our days we take part in the evaluation of situations that have negative or positive influences on our well being.  These episodes I feel are a part of life’s process to obtain the life we desire. The sad truth is that far too often we start reaching for answers which are […]


    All too often we find ourselves at the crossroads of life and are confronted with circumstances that leave us unsure of our direction.I am sure I am not alone when I say that stress and mental fatigue can cause indecisions, doubt, and fear regarding the choices we make.I have entered a point in my life […]

  • Never Force Yourself To Be Happy

      Living with Ataxia the past few years has been an emotional roller coaster. My neurological disorder affects my motor skills but it also plays a role on me emotionally which means things affect me differently. Recently I was in a situation where I allowed fear from my disorder to affect my decision making and […]


    I have fallen and really don’t want to get back up. As I look into the mirror I reflect on where my life is at this point. I have a disorder called spinocerebellar ataxia type 7which affects my motor skills and I have concluded that my physical limitations have a negative impact on me emotionally.I […]

  • It Could Be Worse

     Being in a position where you are physically challenged can be tough, but is it really that tough? My disorder is progressive and impacts my daily living as my motor skills are drastically affected. I recently a fortunate dilemma where negative thoughts imped my forward progress.I felt like a failure and really hated my current […]

  • Back To Basics

    The road to creating the life you desire is not paved smooth. The roadblocks in life can derail our forward progress and impede our personal growth.I have a disorder called spino-cerebellar ataxia type 7 which affects my motor skills and my daily living. I believe I have reached a pivotal point in life where I […]

  • My Recent Struggles

    I have SCA7 since 2009 and think since than despite my ups and downs with my Ataxia I believe I have done the best I can. Recently I have found it difficult to manage my issues emotionally. One thing will occur in my life which leads me to start questioning myself to a point I […]